Awave DSP-6V2

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The renowned brand Awave belonging to STEG Italy is coming to the market with news for sounding your car. This 6-channel amplifier with built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is a great solution for people who want or need to keep their original car radio with poor performance and poor audio settings. DSP Amplifier lets you conjure beautiful sound for a small investment.

6 channel amp with DSP, Class D
– 6 channel high-line input
– 2 channel AUX input
– Optical and Digital coaxial input

6 x 80 W RMS @ 4Ohm

– 2 channel PreOut 4V for additional amplifier
– Crossover: FullRange, HP, LP, BP for every single speaker / channel
– Slopes: 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB / okt.
– Frequency response: 10 – 20 000 Hz
– Phase 0° / 180°
– Time alignment: 0 – 15 ms
– After automatic calibration with RTA microphone (not included!) you’re able to change the settings
– Ability to connect a DRC controller
– Dimensions: 215 x 170 x (+ cables) x 48 mm

Software: On demand (email)

*Please accept that we do not ship this product to Poland or Germany due to an existing distributor. Thank you for your understanding.*

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1 review for Awave DSP-6V2

  1. 5 out of 5

    ian (verified owner)


    Not only is this amp one of the smallest 6 channel amps of 75W (not 80W as stated), there’s an advanced DSP with decent computer software. The wiring harness, USB connection and software with drivers atuo-install (Windows 10) all worked flawlessly on the first try. Moreover, adjusting the settings happens in realtime! I was not expecting that. You can tweak a setting in software and it immediately responds from the speakers. Also, the remote turn-on is voodoo – I don’t even know how it works.. works with the head unit off!

    As far as performance, I’m getting crystal-clear sound from all 6 channels, and the darn thing doesn’t even get warm after a few loud songs. Normally with small amps (esp “micro” amps) the things get raging hot, like, boiling water hot. Besides, the amp looks super clean and sleek, but it’s small enough I hid it near the wheel well 😀

    Two warnings – the software defaults to “Aux in” rather than the speaker inputs, so you won’t get sound initially without changing it. Also, the mounting options aren’t great, so I 3d printed a bracket.

    Caraudioworld was excellent in communication and decent with shipping.

    Totally recommended and look forward seeing more awave products!

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