STEG MSK Set SS-6, SS-3, SS-1

4,990.00  incl. VAT

Speakers for the biggest audiophiles. Together with the MSK Classe A amplifier and STEG SDSP68 processor you’ll be able to achieve one of the most pleasant sound that can be created in car environment.

A “state of the art” speaker system, designed and manufactured without compromise. The basket of all three models is milled from a solid block of aluminum, this allows you to have no resonance, thanks to its design designed exclusively to be the first in the class, not to sin in anything, and tested with the best simulators, and to the extremely high mass. Capture the listener with its sound quality, stamp accuracy and impulsive response. Thanks to their extremely low resonance frequency.

You can find more information in the gallery or in the manual below.

Manual: Download

*Please accept that we do not ship this product to Poland or Germany due to an existing distributor. Thank you for your understanding.*

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