Focal PS 165 V1

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209.00  s DPH

  • This 2-way component kit with 6.5″ woofers truly bears the Focal signature. The PS 165 V1 is equipped with the same cutting-edge technologies as the other speaker drivers in the Performance line: Polyglass cone, diamond-cut aluminium chassis, phase plug and processed aluminium inverted dome tweeters.
  • The PS 165 V1 car audio kit really makes the difference. It can very easily be used to set up a high-quality customised installation. Its separable crossover, with one part for the woofer, the other for the tweeter, makes it much easier to install. Offering high-fidelity sound and high sensitivity, the PS 165 V1 will ensure you get the best performance, whether you use an amplifier or not.
  • Weight netto: 3.59 kg
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